Sami style knives

I made few "Sami style knives", because I love their shape, history, and also to use them.
But we have to not forget that a "Saami knife" is only made by a Saami man in Sapmi region !

Sami arts and crafts come from an ancestral and alive culture and society.
That's why I care to qualify my knives from "Sami style". This is my way to respect these people and their culture that I admire...

Twin knives

  Sami style knife #6

 Sami style knife #5

 Sami style knife #4

 Sami style knife #3
Sami style leuku and knife, carbonsteel blades by Kankaanpää.

 Materials are reindeer antler, few moose antler (leuku), curly birch (leuku), birch root (puukko), birch bark spacers.
Detail of the pommel and riveted tang.